Holiday Gifts to Keep the Athletic Child in Your Life Active All Year Round

Some of the best holiday gifts we can give the children in our lives are ones to help them develop a skill and stay healthy and active year-round. For athletic kids, there are plenty of options. Here are some that should be on your shopping list this year.

For Kids Who Love Hoops

If you have a young basketball fan on your holiday shopping list, your options for gifts that will help keep them active include a new basketball, shoes, and a new hoop/goal set. While a new ball is more of an accessory (still worth looking into, though) and kids are kind of particular about their basketball shoes, a new hoop is a gift for which you can’t go wrong. Having a home goal means everything for a b-ball enthusiast, as it removes the barriers of play completely. 

For Kids Who Love the Diamond

Baseball is a great, relatively safe sport for a child to get involved in. If your little one has a penchant for America’s pastime, do note that unlike basketball, equipment for baseball players is highly age-specific. This guide offers a good breakdown, but in short, for really young kids, getting them familiar with the equipment is easy — focus on buying toy bats and soft balls. Middle-aged kids (5-8) could use a nice new tee, an age-appropriate glove, and supersoft balls. Older kids (9-12) are in the range of more regular equipment and might enjoy a batting net. 

For the Kid Who Doesn’t Really Love Ball Sports

Some kids don’t really gravitate toward ball sports, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t athletic-minded kids who want to be active. If the child on your holiday shopping list isn’t into football, basketball, baseball, or soccer, there’s a chance they could be into dance, running, other track and field sports, or swimming. 

For the serious running enthusiast, consider the gift of a fitness tracker. This will allow the kid to begin to track, record, and log their runs. Some other options to keep kids active include boxing sets (gloves, punching bags, and speed bags), a new bike, and padded safety fitness equipment (dumbbells, bench press, etc.). 

For the Kid Who Wants Something to Do During Bad Weather

No matter what kind of athlete the child on your gift list is, they are going to need something to keep them active during those times when outdoor sports are simply not feasible, such as during rainy, cold, and/or snowy days. This is where you need to get creative as a gift giver. Some really fun indoor options for physical activity include bars and rings that can be hung from doors/ceilings, indoor mini trampolines, and indoor jungle gyms/playsets. 

Those all count as “exercise” equipment, but they are also super fun. If the child on your list is focusing on one particular sport, good holiday gift ideas include things that can keep them mentally interested in the sport (if not physically active) during inclement weather. Some options include games, training videos, tickets to sporting events, and apparel. 

One of the best gifts you can give any child is something to help them in their athletic endeavors. That’s because sports can turn into hobbies that sustain them through their entire youth — and even beyond. Getting kids involved in healthy hobbies at a young age is crucial to their health and development, so you can’t do much better than stoking their athletic passions.